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 Long ago and far away there lived a fairy maid
In deepest glen in twilight eternal, she lived among the trees
Many travelled to request the magik they desired
While they sat around her fire she told a story instead
Come let me tell you a story of old
When my powers were strong
When my actions were bold
I gave them my magik freely
they knew no strife
Then came the invaders
who wished to end my life
They slaughtered  my sisters
my friends, gentle beasts
I went into hiding
I partook of no feast
Now a hundred years later
You search out my home
You beg for the ancient ways
but you should not have come
I will tell you the stories
I will teach you the runes
I will show you the magik
but it will disappear soon.
You will wake in your village
Safe in your bed
This will all seem a dream
Just a fantasy in your head
I will be alone once more
Here in my glen
Watching and waiting
For my time to come again.
~Brandi Ulrich Amunrud~


I am still learning this graphics stuff. I made this background and the pictures on it. Some of them aren't wonderful, but I like it! I used tubes from Outlaw Design and PSP 8.
This is not a great poem. It is just something that was stuck in my head so I had to write something.
Please feel free to use anything here but please give me credit and a link!

Outlaw by Design