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I can't keep the memories from haunting my mind. They come fast and never fade away. They enter my sleep and there I see your face, I see a vision of a sacred place. And in my dream I see myself die at the hands of the broken hearted. As I watch my life go out with the tide, the broken hearted turns and its me.
I turn and walk toward a burning light. It is the place I have desired.You never knew; know you will never know: I would die for you.
Brandi Ulrich Amunrud

Be Ye Wary
And Take Heed
Watchful Eyes
Full of Need
Things are not quite as the Seem
You've fallen into the realm of dreams
A web of Silk
or a trap of design
You hear a small voice
"Soon you'll be Mine!"
Tarry Not
or here you'll stay
In this dream
of the Fae.
Brandi Ulrch Amunrud



In a sparkling
In the Dew
Between the Heather
and the Rue
In the Flicker
of an Eye
Fairy Maidens  Flitter By
Brandi Ulrich Amunrud