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Click the picture above to check out the beautiful pages my SEA Sisters made for Derrick and me. Special thanks to Angel Romatica for providing space for them~

Please do what you can
to help the people of SE Asia




Please click on my little fairy girl to visit a brand new site. Not alot there yet but I will be adding backgrounds, blinkies, pictures, and tags fo you all to enjoy. Thanks!

Welcome to my website! My name is Brandi and in these pages you will find a little of everything, from causes I support to my short stories and poetry. And above all lots of clipart and graphics I have made.  I hope you enjoy your stay and please sign my guestbook if you have a minute!

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My most heartfelt thanks to The Cyber Siren for giving me this award. It came as a complete surprise and I love it!


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Standing on a hillside,
quite alone
Staring out to sea
Glancing back at what once was
Wondering what will Be
Nothing seems to last forever
I'm trapped in Immortality
Gone now are my fanciful friends
I'm alone here
Just Me~
Brandi Ulrich Amunrud

My Personal Story and Cause

Come fairies

take me out of this dull world,

for I would ride with you

upon the wind and dance

upon the mountains like a flame.

W.B. Yeats.


The Road to Fairyland

fairy poem by Ernest Thompson Seton

Do you seek the road to Fairyland?

I'll tell; it's easy, quite.

Wait till a yellow moon gets up o'er purple seas by night,

And gilds a shining pathway that is sparkling diamond bright

Then, if no evil power be nigh to thwart you, out of spite,

And if you know the very words to cast a spell of might,

You get upon a thistledown and if the breeze is right,

You sail away to Fairyland

Along this track of light.

All of the graphics on this page I believe are free to use, public domain. If you see anything that shouldn't be here or you would like a link back please let me know.


"Ah, you open straight into fairyland, and the fairies love you and they will never change. Fairyland's always been there, it always was from the beginning of time and always will be to the end."

Henry James

The League of
Amazing Women


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