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Within the heart of this great beast
Ancient mysteries lie
Hidden now in caverns deep
Watching centuries pass by
The dragon is a noble beast
With wisdom in his eyes
Magic resides within his soul
His Spirit will never die
~Brandi Ulrich Amunrud


Dragon Types
Western Dragon - Thisdragon is normally depicted as a very large reptilian beast, having four legs and bat like wings. The Western Dragon is also very decorative with spines, armour, and metallic colors.
Fairy Dragon - These dragons are believed to be the smallest of dragons, possibly related somehow to butterflies. Fairy dragons are often seen with fairy folk.
Hydra - This dragon is shown as a beast with multiple heads and or tails. The most famous example of a Hydra would have to be the hydra from Hercules.
Ouroboros- This ceature is depicted usually in a long serpentine from, holding its tail in its mouth in a never ending circle.
Drake, also called Firedrake - This dragon may resemble the Western Dragon. It differes in that it has no wings and is typically a fire bearing creature.

Awesome Dragon Info